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Cannabidiol’s close association with Cannabis has raised the curiosity of those who want to try the product. Questions are raised about whether CBD is legal and if it can be consumed without getting in trouble with authorities.  So what is the real score? Is CBD legal?

Before delving on whether it is legal to consume CBD Oil and its product derivatives, it is best to take a closer look at CBD. Consumers have to understand that there are three main classifications of CBD products.

Different Classifications of CBD Products

The classifications of Cannabidiol mainly point out the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC Content. THC is the psychoactive compound found in Cannabis or Marijuana that gives off the “high.” Since this is an addictive, mind-altering substance, Cannabidiol with high levels of this substance can be considered as a regulated substance in the market. Most states abide by the government threshold of .3% THC content for cannabidiol products. Marijuana products and their derivatives can have as high as 20% content. 

Cannabidiol Oil though that comes from hemp, may have zero to minute traces of THC. It is essential to discern the THC level to attain the intended health benefits of CBD Oil.  

Here are the two main classifications of CBD Products:

  1. CBD Isolate. This type of Cannabidiol is CBD in its purest form. There are no traces of THC or any other compound that may be addictive or mind-altering. This form is best for those wanting to achieve the health benefits Cannabidiol without the possible consciousness-altering effects of THC. Moreover, CBD Isolate products are legal as they contain a psychoactive substance. The consumer has to make sure that the state he is in still requires a prescription for the purchase and possession of CBD Isolate.
  2. Full-Spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD also has the same medicinal benefits of Cannabidiol, but it may also contain other substances. These other substances include THC – and if the THC levels are beyond the allowable .3%, then the legality of full-spectrum CBD can be put into question.

Choosing Between CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol

For new consumers, choosing between CBD Isolate and full-spectrum CBD can be confusing. But for experienced CBD Consumers, this is a relatively easy decision to make. CBD Isolate, for instance, is best in the following circumstances:

  1. The consumer lives in a state or a country that disallows the use of THC or any Cannabis related products. Cannabidiol Isolate is purely Cannabidiol, and will not have any trace of THC. It is guaranteed to be non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and will not leave the consumer feel high or stoned.
  2. If the consumer is employed by a company that conducts random drug testing among its employees. Some Full Spectrum CBD products can contain more than the allowable amount of THC in some states. If the THC level of the consumed Cannabidiol product goes beyond this threshold, the THC can reflect on the drug testing results.
  3. If the consumer has plans to prepare Cannabidiol-based food items. Full spectrum CBD may have a grassy, earthy taste that may dominate the over-all flavor of the CBD-Based product. It is best to use pure CBD-Isolate to ensure a better feeling.
  4. If the consumer will be traveling to another state. Some states still prohibit THC use, and so, it is crucial to travel with a Cannabidiol product that does not contain amounts of THC. This will give the consumer peace of mind in traveling with cannabidiol. More importantly, it allows the person to reap the medicinal benefits of CBD Oil even on the road.

Legality of CBD

The best way to find out whether Cannabidiol is legal is to read on a specific state’s regulation on the product. Some states allow the use of full-spectrum Cannabidiol, while some states only allow CDB Isolate because of its zero to really minimal THC traces. So it depends on the state the consumer is in or where he will be traveling soon.

Cannabidiol has been legalized following the passage of the Agricultural Act of 2017, more popularly known as the Farm Bill. This legislation provides that Cannabidiol derived from Hemp is legal to possess. As long as the product is sourced from the hemp plant and is cultivated following the farm bill, then it should be good to go. Licensed growers in the United States cultivate Hemp under strict agricultural guidelines that regulate the content and quality of the produce. 

On the other hand, Cannabidiol that is derived from the Cannabis plant is considered illegal. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the source plant, Marijuana has a high potential for abuse; hence, it is regarded as a schedule 1 drug.  

Best Ways to Consume CBD

There are several ways to consume CBD. Inhaling the CBD Vapor Concentrate through a vaping pen is one way. Inhalation is said to be the quickest way to achieve Cannabidiol’s health benefits. A common way to ingest CBD is through pills and tablets. By taking a CBD capsule, the consumer is assured of the dosage, and will not have to measure doses each time. CBD Sublingual tinctures are also an ideal way to benefit from the medicinal properties of Cannabidiol. Edibles, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular as well, but these do not bring the same rapid relief as tinctures or vapor inhalation.