Litigation and Governance

A Study of Criminal Justice in Indian Country: In partnership with the University of California- Los Angeles and University of Minnesota, the PRC is examining the law enforcement and criminal justice systems in Indian Country in order to better understand the deficiencies and make recommendations for achieving public safety in tribal communities and proper treatment of detainees. The final report, to be released in summer 2009, will include twelve case study site visits and include more than 450 interviews.

BIA Land Title and Recordation Office (LTRO) Study: In partnership with the First Nations Development Institute and other field experts, the PRC is identifying and examining a range of options for tribes to expedite processing of title information to strengthen sovereignty and promote economic development. The white paper, slated for release in November 2008, will include case studies, a discussion of options for tribes, and policy recommendations.

Evaluation of Multi-Agency Tribal Consultation: The PRC is assisting various agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Interior, and U.S. Department of Justice in assessing and improving their joint tribal consultation efforts. The 2008 evaluation of multi-agency consultation sessions is underway.

Impact of Vote-by-Mail on Native Voters in Oregon: Working with NCAI’s Native Vote Project, the PRC is determining the impact of Oregon’s statewide policy of “vote-by-mail only” for all elections on Native voters living on reservation lands. A draft report is scheduled to be completed by mid-November 2008.

Realism in Federal Indian Law: In partnership with the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California- Berkeley and a national network of Indian law scholars, the PRC convened Indian law professors to encourage junior scholars to fill the void in the academic literature on the grounded realities of federal Indian law. The meeting transcript was published in the fall 2008 issue of the American Indian Law Review.

Strengthening Tribal Governance: In fall/winter 2006, the PRC partnered with the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona to convene Indian Country through a series of regional intertribal forums to identify strategies to strengthen the quality of governance in tribal communities. Meeting materials and a convenings report are available; four resource papers are being finalized.