Research Support

One of the four core functions of the Policy Research Center is to provide support to academic centers, mainstream think tanks, individual scholars, and students who are doing research or would like to do research with Native communities.

Much research is already being done by these groups so the goal of the Center is to make this work as useful as it can be to both the individual tribal communities participating in research as well as to tribes nationally. The Center provides support to proposed and ongoing research conducted by institutions outside of Indian Country in the following ways:

  • Helping scholars to understand the range of research review processes tribes may have in place
  • Explaining the rights and potential roles of tribal government in research
  • Highlighting potential cultural considerations
  • Sharing strategies for engaging and increasing the benefits of research for the community

These services and supports are important to facilitating research that:

  • Meets tribal community priorities and needs
  • Is conducted in a way that is appropriate to the community
  • Yields tribal benefits, including new information and increased capacity for involvement in research.

Many of our projects, particularly our Tribal Leader Scholar Forum and Tribally-driven Research Agenda, involve work to engage and support the research of scholars to ensure tribes receive maximum benefit from research. For a full list of our projects, click here.