Research Tools

This section provides resources for tribal communities exploring and developing research and evaluation policies and procedures. At the NCAI 2006 Mid-Year Session, participants in a Community-Based Research breakout session requested that specific tools be made available on this website. Following this request, tools provided here include: (a) links to presentations about conducting responsible research in Indian Country, (b) samples of tribal research principles and guidelines, (c) sample evaluation models and tools, (d) examples of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA), and (e) tribal/intertribal Institutional Review Board (IRB) materials. The resources in this section provide tribal communities with a variety of options for strengthening tribal sovereignty and self-determination through research and evaluation.

If your tribal community wishes to publicly share examples of MOAs, IRB protocols, and other supporting documents or policies related to research in tribal communities, please forward such samples to Erik Stegman at We will post a number of samples under this research tools section.

Links Related to Conducting Responsible Research in Indian Country 

Research Regulation in American Indian/Alaska Native Communities: Policy and Practice Considerations 

An Example of a Memorandum of Understanding 

An Example of a Memorandum of Cooperative Agreement 

Report Unethical Research Conduct