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Cannabidiol Oil’s ever-increasing popularity as an alternative medication is reaching greater heights. This popularity has its benefits and drawbacks. For one, more and more people will be able to enjoy CBD Oil’s health benefits and use it to get better from their present health condition. But one of the drawbacks of getting popular is that there will be enterprising yet unscrupulous individuals who may want to take advantage of the situations. They might choose to produce and sell tainted, diluted, and even outright fake Cannabidiol-based products and even dare market it at a commanding price.

Consumers have to do a bit of leg work when deciding whom to buy Cannabidiol products from.

Apart from the financial risk, buying these products would also put a patient’s health on the line. Who knows what those products would contain? Contaminants may be present, and the Cannabidiol content may have been too diluted to have a positive health impact. To avoid being put on such a situation, it will always be best to do a bit of research before procuring CBD-Oil based products.

Where to Purchase CBD Oil

Cannabidiol Oil and CBD-based products are mainly peddled online. The challenge for any consumer is to decipher the authenticity of the product by going over whatever information that can be found on their official website and social media platforms. Information that could be useful include procedures on how the manufacturer has sourced the product, how the oil was extracted, laboratory certifications, and testimonials and reviews. 

Here are some of the qualities of a genuine Cannabidiol Oil, and CBD Based Products:

  1. The CBD-Based product is sourced from top quality hemp plants. Hemp plants that may have been farmed under sub-standard practices may not yield top-quality Cannabidiol Products. It is best to check out Cannabidiol products that are produced using Hemp cultivated in the United States. The US enforces strict agricultural guidelines on Hemp Farming to ensure the quality of the plant-based products that they buy.
  2. Cannabidiol Oil should be produced using a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction process. CO2 is the best way to extract Cannabidiol because it provides the highest concentration of CBD, among other methods. And because it produces CBD Oil at highly pure levels, it gets to retain its fantastic health benefits. The only downside is that machinery and equipment for CO2 extraction are expensive. Only a manufacturer keen on producing pure CBD Oil will invest in such a mechanism.
  3. The manufacturer can present a Certificate of Analysis that assures the pureness and potency of the product. The laboratory report should give information about the total cannabinoid content of the product, plus if it contains Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. If there are THC, its percentage amount should be indicated in the laboratory report. It should also note whether the Cannabidiol product is full-spectrum or CBD Isolate. It should also mention if there are contaminants found within the product test.
  4. The Certificate of Analysis or Third-Party Testing has to have matching batch numbers with the products being sold. There is no use of seeing a certificate analysis that does not match with the specific batch of products being sold. It only means there was product testing, but that product is not from the same batch of those that are currently being sold.
  5. A reputable laboratory generates third-party testing and report certificate. Coming up with a certificate of analysis can be done even by fly-by-night laboratories. It is essential to know that the laboratory contracted by the CBD Oil manufacturer complies with ISO 17025 standard. Otherwise, their certification means nothing.
  6. The CBD Oil product is carefully packed. Careful packaging helps ensure that CBD Oil has not been tampered with. The product label should also indicate Cannabidiol dosage, regardless of its form. Tablets and capsules, for instance, should have the exact milligram content of Cannabidiol per pill. The same goes for tinctures, edibles, and vaping concentrate.
  7. Cannabidiol is being sold in a legitimate online selling platform. The website needs not to be high-tech, but the site should be legitimate, secured, and does not indicate cheap business practices. Cannabidiol sold via other selling websites, and social media pages and personal accounts may not be reliable and genuine products. Buy only from trusted sources.
  8. Real-life reviews. Nothing beats a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or relative. Ask someone who may have tried a CBD Oil product, ask for product details and his overall experience. Inquire if the health benefit they are aiming for has been achieved. While online reviews may be helpful too, nothing beats a personal endorsement from someone that can be trusted.

How to Avoid being Scammed

Unfortunately, scammers can rob people of their money by peddling sub-standard CBD Oil. Fortunately, researching a product before purchasing can counter such moves. Consumers should keep in mind that anything too good to be true is probably just too good to be true. If there is Cannabidiol that is priced too low and peddled via selling sites and social media, then suspect trouble right away.   

Always be discerning about third-party tests. It should always be undertaken by a trustworthy laboratory whose processes are held by international standards. Each batch of products must also have specific batch testing so that the content is known, and purity levels are discerned.

Moreover, CBD-Oil products should be labeled appropriately. All information should be in the packaging. More information should also be posted on the manufacturer’s website.